• Cultural Resistance in South Asia
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    Fecha: Jueves, Mayo 5, 2022 - 10:00 UTC
    Duración: 120 min
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    India as well as many South Asian countries is currently undergoing social, political and economic unrest on a massive scale. The current political dispensation has made inroads into each institution of governance and devised ways to dismantle them which would have huge repercussions. This breakdown is just a mechanism to hand over the control of our lives to the corporate. In the long run, this looks to fit the agenda of the ruling elite which will shift the concept of democracy into ‘corporatocracy’ which will be ‘Of the corporate, By the Corporate and For the Corporate’.

    Culture upholds the value of the peoples way of life. It brings to light the relationships of people with nature and among themselves. There are several countries in the Global South and especially in South Asia wherein, this context is important, as these are the countries facing some of the most severe forms of a cultural attack and also the strongest forms of cultural resistance. The diversity and pluralism of the people of this region and the shared heritage are the biggest binding factors. There is a need to analyse the way common people are thinking or in certain cases, the way we are being made to think.

    Through this virtual conference in World Social Forum we will address the issues of South Asia and will be discussed from the people's perspectives and look ahead for the future of this region in the present socio economic and political scenario.

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