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    Fecha: Miércoles, Enero 27, 2021 - 13:00 UTC
    Duración: 180 min
    Breve descripción:

    What is the objective?
    To denounce the impact of the perverse alliance between capitalism, patriarchy and coloniality on women's bodies and to evidence the strategies of feminist struggle and resistance.

    Sub-themes that emerge.
    1. Anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial feminisms as a horizon of transformation of the feminisms of the global South: from the territories to the global.
    2. Feminist plurality, from diversities tinged with inequality and from the political intersectionality of the struggles: Afro-descendant, indigenous, community, popular, mestizo, urban, rural, sexual diversity feminisms ... (race, class, sex-gender).
    3. Childhood, youth, old age: violence and narratives (infanticide, juvenicide, geriatricide). The right to a dignified and decisive death.
    4. Sexual and reproductive rights, the right to decide about our own body: Abortion as a strategic node of women's freedom.
    5. Production of knowledge from multiple life experiences and worldviews, disputing meanings and imposition of a Eurocentric cultural matrix. Recovery of memory and history of resistance from the bodies to the territories.
    6. Religious, political and economic fundamentalisms from the state and from society coercing women's freedom and democracy.
    7. Transformative feminist economies, from eco-dependence, interdependence and the paradigm of care for life.
    8. The pandemic as an expression of structural violence against life, bodies and nature and as an unveiling of the indolence of states in relation to the welfare of citizens and their genocidal alliance with patriarchal and colonial capitalism.
    9. The pandemic of violence against the racialized, sexualized and impoverished bodies of women. Expressed in femicide, trafficking, forced disappearance; the absence of economic, political, social and cultural rights.

    - Sharing feminist and sexual diversity struggles that take place in our territories, in each continent and country, confronting racism, heteropatriarchy, male supremacy, religious, economic and political fundamentalisms.
    - Evidencing the diversity of feminist voices from their ethnic-racial, sexual, class and generational plurality. And their contribution to other possible worlds.
    - Evidencing the historical debts that the States have with human rights and the rights of nature, demanding justice and good living for all.
    - To recover the historical memory from the different struggles and territorial and global cosmovisions that populate our pluriverses.

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    Espacio temático transversal: Racismo