• Traditional Medicines and Indigenous Ways: Justice and Sustainability for the Global South
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    Fecha: Miércoles, Enero 27, 2021 - 12:00 UTC
    Duración: 120 min
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    The COVID-19 pandemic continuously urges us to examine questions of global inequality and injustice, and revive experiences countering Eurocentric modernization and hegemony. Activist intellectuals, especially from the Global South, will exchange and debate the following four themes:
    (1) Vaccines as a Global Public Good;
    (2) Modern Sciences, Colonialism, and Capitalism;
    (3) Traditional Medicines as Alternative;
    (4) Indigenous Civilizations and Practices.
    When the long traditions of diverse civilizations and cultures gain genuine recognition and respect, we can together survive.

    Global University for Sustainability
    Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University, China
    ALBA Movements Venezuela

    Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives
    Green Ground Eco-Tech Centre (Beijing)

    Lau Kin Chi (Lingnan University, China)
    Nicoletta Dentico (Society for International Development, Italy)
    Hernan Vargas (ALBA Movements Venezuela)

    Katharina Weingartner (Film Director of The Fever, Austria)
    Ben Cashdan (Filmmaker and Economist, South Africa)
    Cheikh Ibrahima Niang (University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal)
    Thusharalal.S (Amrita School of Ayurveda, India)
    Sit Tsui Jade Margaret (ARENA, China)
    Guo Xinzhi (Shanxi Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Hospital, China)
    Zhang Yifang (Beijing Yanhuang Meridians Research Center, China)
    Jorge Ishizawa (PRATEC, Peru)
    Magno Yarake Barros (Movimiento 27 de Octubre, Venezuela)
    Madela Pacheco Alejandro (Red de la Diversidad, Bolivia)
    Jesús Garcia (Altos de Lidice Commune, Venezuela)

    The first round will be 8-10 minutes for each speaker, followed by a second and third round.

    The Fever (2019) -- Screening of documentary:
    27 Jan 2021 (Wed) GMT 1000-1200 The Fever [with English Subtitles]
    27 Jan 2021 (Wed) GMT 1600-1800 The Fever [with Spanish Subtitles]


    World Social Forum 2021:
    Global University for Sustainability:
    CCRD, Lingnan University:


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