• The Alternatives Project (TAP)
    País: United States
    Ciudad / barrio: TAP is an international NGO
    Misión / resumen:

    The Alternatives Project (TAP) is an international and geographically diverse network of progressive academics, union members, civil society activists, and social movement participants concerned with building a global collective critical voice oriented towards education and societal transformation. We believe that current social, economic, political, and educational arrangements reproduce relations of power that engineer profound inequities and will ultimately threaten life on the planet. We stand for alternative pedagogies and for just, regenerative education systems that will support the social transformations we need in order to create a richer, more equitable, and sustainable world.

    Actividades principales: Access, Activism, Anti-racism, Climate, Education, Equality, Gender equity, Human rights, Movement organizing, Poverty, Social justice, Social movement, Solidarity economy
    Tipo de organización: Multi-stakeholder Members, NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Escala de acción: International