• Reclaiming the commons: From austerity and debt to public space and health as commons. Identifying strategies, practices and challenges
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    Date: Mercredi, janvier 27, 2021 - 18:00 UTC
    Durée: 120 min

    In 2020, we have experienced the impact of cuts to public services and we have seen communities and activists respond with mutual aid and self organising spaces of collective care, where communities conceive health and care in an expanded way: not only by providing access to medical services and equipment, but also by providing solidarity in the form of psychological support, defence against domestic violence, support in struggles for housing and income and sustaining environments for cultural production.
    The impact of Covid-19 is not only a crisis of healthcare and economy, it is a systemic crisis. This event is intended as a space for shared reflection on the ways activists have and will continue to self-organise.
    The format of the event will be in two major rounds of dialogue followed by a concluding assembly that will give consideration to - problems, challenges, strategies, perspectives, for recognising and making visible the commoning of care and health.

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    This activity has been organised by a number of activists, individuals belonging to other collectives and organisations.

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    We have prepared and collected some articles on the initiatives that will take part in the event. We encourage you to read these in advance as it will enable us all to engage more deeply with each others experience and practices.

    The stories are collected here -

    * No shortage of masks, self-organised network in Premià de Mar"
    * "Taking collective action against unjust debt: from citizen audits to community organising"
    * "The Hologram – Peer to Peer Healthcare"
    * "Capella de la Misericordia: we talk to Guillem Capdevila"

    If you want to share links to your own projects you can post them here on the pad -

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