• Access to Justice and Dalits and Communities Discriminated on work and Descent.
    Date: Samedi, janvier 30, 2021 - 12:00 UTC
    Durée: 120 min

    Dalits and Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent need a broad set of rights that need to be ensured in a fair manner. They have the right to enjoy, on an equal footing of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, social, economic, cultural or any field of public life. These include right to physical security and life and the right to be freedom from violence, right to equal political participation, right to fair access to justice, right to own land, right to equal access to public and social services, right to freedom of religion, right to marriage on free will, right to education, right to cultural identity, right to equal opportunity and free choice of employment, right to equal, just and favourable conditions of work, right to be free from forced or bonded labour, right to be free from cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment, right to health and the right to adequate food, water, sanitation, clothing and housing. Thus, this seminar interviews 6 regional and national leaders of Dalits and Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America to ascertain the accessibility to justice to these communities.

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    Autres organisations promotrices:

    Africa Network on DWD and Slavery / Trust Africa
    All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch.
    Asia Dalit Rights Forum
    Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights and Movement
    Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan
    Dalit Sujag Tehreek
    European Roma Grassroots Organisation Network
    Feminist Dalit Organisation
    Global Call to Action Against Poverty
    Global Forum of Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent
    Human Development Organisation, Sri Lanka
    Nagorik Udyok, Bangladesh
    National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
    National Coordination of Articulation of Quilombola Rural Black Communities
    National Dalit Movement for Justice.
    Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network
    Social justice DWD Task force of Global Call to Action Against Poverty
    The Inclusivity Project

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