• Governance From Below, Inc.
    Pays: United States
    Ville / quartier: Silver Spring
    Mission / résumé:

    We want every tiny neighbourhood in the world resonate with initiatives to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that every child in the world is enabled to involve in proactive action for Sustainable Development Goals. We introduce consent-based, not consensus-based, collective decision-making and sociocratic elections which could lead to deeper and less-divisive democracies tomorrow. We give children through such a neighbourhood-based, small-sized multi-tier, bottom-up, inclusive, participatory, non-dominating, sociocratic parliaments, a vision and pre-taste of a world without frontiers, without divisive discussions and without war and defence expenses.

    Activités principales: Climate, Democracy
    Type d'organisation: Charity
    Échelle d'action: International
    Téléphone: +1-240-406-9604