• School Youth Association
    Pays: Morocco
    Ville / quartier: Rabat
    Mission / résumé:

    School Youth Association is a national association that has local branches in most cities and regions of Morocco. The association aimed at framing youth and unite in an atmosphere of brotherhood and solidarity and providing a sound upbringing educationally and socially as well as preparing young people and raising the spirit of packing in its ranks in order to serve the national issues.

    Activités principales: Art, Children, Culture, Democracy, Education, Environmentally sustainable, International cooperation, Nature, Public policies, Science, Security, Social, Social care, Social justice, social security, Social services, Sports, Training, Volunteering, Wellness, Youth
    Type d'organisation: Association, Charity, Co-operative, Collective, Society, Volunteer Members
    Échelle d'action: National

    The study if all educational problems related to educational policy in Morocco.
    Organizing seminars, meeting, gathering, and summer camps.
    Caring about childhood. teenagers and family. Fighting illiteracy among young people, enhancing non formal education and supporting groups with special needs.
    Organizing workshops nationally and internationally in various social and development fields.

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