Pays: Morocco
    Ville / quartier: Casablanca
    Mission / résumé:

    The center aims at studying and researching the main areas of human rights and media, either individually or in cooperation with national and international partners

    The center seeks to promote the notion of human rights and media and to raise awareness about the importance of embodying them in scientific research and university studies

    The center seeks to launch the Moroccan magazine for human rights and media. The first issue is underway

    The center is a member of the Arab network for economic and social rights

    In the studies and research center for social sciences where the Moroccan strategic report is released

    Activités principales: Activism, Democracy, Equality, Gender, Gender equity, Human rights, Law, Legal, Media, Money, Public policies, Refugee, Regulation, Rights, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, social security, Social services, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Women, Young People
    Type d'organisation: Association, NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Échelle d'action: National
    Téléphone: 00212661460137