• Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (Africa CSID)
    Pays: Kenya
    Ville / quartier: Kajiado
    Mission / résumé:

    Africa Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (Africa CSID) is an African NGO, registered in Kenya, working with marginalized communities. Informed by the organization’s mandate, marginalization is defined by two interrelated parameters namely geographical and population context of marginalization.

    Our mission is to advocate for the development and consider the specific needs and interests of marginalized communities without compromising the needs of future generations in Africa.

    Africa CSID’s work is underpinned by three interlinked approaches to work namely voice, capacity, and influence with all interventions focusing on amplifying the voices of the marginalized communities, actions to strengthen local capacities, and effecting change through policy influence local, national, and continental levels.

    Activités principales: Advocacy, Agricultural products, Agriculture, Agriculture services, Agroecology, Biodiversity, Circular economy, Climate, Climate action, Community development, Conservation, Cultural inclusiveness, Curriculum, Differently Abled, Disability, Ecological restoration, Education, Environment, Environmentally sustainable, Equal opportunity, Equality, Feminism, Fight against poverty, Food, Food sovereignty, Gender, Gender equity, Governance, Health, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Natural environment, Natural resources, Nature, Older people, Peasant's farming, Poverty, Public policies, Recycling, Research, Rights, Renewable energy, Security, Social Inclusion, Social justice, social security, Social services, Sustainable Development Goals, Training, Upcycle, Women, Young People, Youth
    Type d'organisation: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Not-For-Profit
    Échelle d'action: Regional
    Téléphone: +254113909961

    We have a WhatsApp group for youth in our sustainable food systems project. We also have a twitter handle and LinkedIn and facebook pages for interaction.