• Towards an extraordinary mobilization parallel to the world economic forum in August 2021
    Brief description (Purpose or mission of your initiative, what it wants to transform, etc.):

    Aware of our condition as representatives of a large number of workers, and of our responsibility in a scenario of such magnitude, we have decided to gather our efforts to reflect and share, with colleagues and sister organizations, our concerns, our proposals and our suggestions for action. Thus, taking up the original spirit of the WSF, we call for a parallel and alternative mobilization to the next World Economic Forum that will take place in Singapore next August (postponed from May).
    Doing só, we reaffirm that we are not willing to delegate our lives, the present and the future of our society and the planet to the great powerful of the world.

    How promoting group is organized and criteria for considering inclusion of new entities in the group:

    we are organized as a trade unions coalitions opened to work jiontly with social movements on this concrete action, having a common framework the Call we have already launched at the WSF 2021

    Scope: International
    Type of initiative: Public Campaign, Struggle for
    Main activity area: Decent work, Democracy, Domestic work, Employment
    Where is the initiative located?: Online
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    1 Mobilization on 7th April - Universal Health Right - Free Vaccines
    2 Mobilization on 1st of May - Workers Rights - New Social Pact
    3 Mobilitation on Davos/Singapur World Economic Forum 23-27 August

    Public action n°1:

    Mobilization on 7th April - Universal Health Right - Free Vaccines

    Public action date n°1: Wed, 04/07/2021 - 12:00
    Brief description n°1:


    "Saving Lives and Protecting Jobs
    Vaccines for all! Stand up for patent suspension!

    The severe health and economic crisis caused by the current coronavirus pandemic is destroying millions of jobs and making the remaining ones precarious, which is increasing poverty, misery and economic and social inequality around the world, widening the gap between North and South.
    In the face of this global emergency, it is urgent and mandatory to "Save Lives and Protect Jobs". We must proclaim that vaccines are a common good of humanity from which no private profit can be made, largely because a huge amount of public money has been invested in their development, and that it is a political and moral obligation to vaccinate the entire population without discrimination of income or nationality.
    In this context, trade union, social movements, civil society organisations and personalities who have signed this document call on workers all over the world to mobilise on the International Heath Day and demand that governments and agencies:
    • To act on the criteria of "Vaccine for all" by guaranteeing universal and immediate access to vaccines for all people in the world.
    • Implement an international system based on global justice that is different from the merchant model that currently governs the trade and distribution of goods and vaccines.
    • No to vaccine nationalism! For the right to health as a human right.
    • Suspend patents on COVID-19 vaccines, either through the mechanisms provided for in national legislation or even within the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
    • Develop plans, programmes and financial resources for the transfer of technologies and inputs needed for vaccine production in all regions and nations. And, in this way, create the conditions for more countries to start their own national production of COVID-19 vaccines.
    • Universalise access to medicines, supplies, software and equipment necessary for the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.
    • Subsidise all kinds of workers, peasants, family businesses, families living in the informal economy, who have lost their income, by providing them with a minimum income for their survival.
    • Implement an extraordinary investment plan to recover the millions of jobs lost or at risk.

    Workers around the world demand "Vaccines for all", decent work and social protection: now is the time to act!

    7th of April 2021

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    Place n°1:

    global mobivilization in decetralized way

    Public action n°2:

    Mobilization on 1st of May - Workers Rights - New Social Pact

    Public action date n°2: Sat, 05/01/2021 - 12:00
    Place n°2:

    Global with decentralized action at country level

    Brief description n°2:

    An International May Day where all unions, social movements from all over the world join together to reaffirm to governments and international institutions that health is a universal right that comes before all else and that must be guaranteed to every woman and every man of any place on the planet, without discrimination or delay imposed by income, by the market, by political interest: UNIVERSAL AND FREE VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19
    The vaccine is a common good, not a commodity. Patents and licenses must be eliminated to favor the faster production and accessibility of the vaccine to all countries and the entire world population. NO RIGHTS ON PATENTS – FREE PATENTS
    The economic loss caused by the pandemic must be addressed by protecting the most affected populations and social groups, guaranteeing universal basic services such as health, education, housing and work with rights and not in conditions of exploitation, blackmail and danger.
    The exit from the crisis is either for everyone or the crisis will return in its old or new forms.

    The five demands are:

    Creation of climate-friendly jobs with Just Transition. Job-creating industrial transformation to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, along with jobs in health, education and other quality public services.
    Rights for all workers, regardless of their employment arrangements, to fulfill the promise of the ILO Centenary Declarationwith its labour protection floor including rights, maximum working hours, living minimum wages and health and safety at work.
    Universal social protection, with the establishment of a Social Protection Fund for the least wealthy countries.
    Equality. Ending all discrimination, such as by race or gender, to ensure that all people can share in prosperity and that the appalling concentration of wealth in the hands of a few at the expense of the many is undone.
    Inclusion. To combat the growing power of monopolies and oligarchs, ensure that developing countries can actually develop their economies and guarantee tax systems that provide the income vital for governments to meet the needs of people and the planet. An inclusive approach to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount, both in terms of economic support as well as universal access to testing, treatment and vaccines.

    Public action n°3:

    Mobilitation on Davos/Singapur World Economic Forum 23-27 August

    Public action date n°3: Mon, 08/23/2021 - 12:00
    Brief description n°3:

    Due to its scale, speed of propagation and their potential consequences for the health of the population overall, the current pandemic of the COVID-19 is one Crisis health without precedent. It also represents the first crisis , economic world united to one pandemic.
    In the dynamic disconcerting inherent to the pandemic is added situations precedents of crises in the field political multilateral, as can be to level overall the weakening of the UN and the WTO, or to level regional the crises of governance in the Union European or the disintegration of UNASUR. The sum of these facts brings even more clarity about of the vulnerability of the globalization neoliberal and the lack of one governance overall.
    All this scenario, stripped the reality social of our peoples, bringing to the light vast sectors , invisible the most vulnerable, those that do not are being covered by the mechanisms of protection social, are made more visible and require the attention they deserve. According to the Organization International of the Labor Office (ILO), the total number of hours of work will be 10.5% lower than prior to the crisis , caused by the COVID-19, that equates to 305 million of jobs formal in time integral.
    As it is characteristic of the current stage of the capitalism, the crises also affects the way most dramatic to the women, as well as to the minorities and groups marginalized: the black, the youth, the indigenous, the migrants, the homosexuals, the elderly. The hegemonic economic sectors are already agitating the threat of more precarious work and the withdrawal of rights social.
    We come from decades of global hegemony of ultra- liberal economicism, which preaches an individualistic, anti-public, anti- state and anti-union narrative . The pandemic also showed the emergence of one nationalism growing that is opposed to the action of the cooperation Global necessary to confront collectively this virus. The era inaugurated by the governments of Thatcher, Reagan and by various dictatorships in Latin America, and subsequently reinforced by the consensus of Washington, has maintained many of its premises to the present and has mutated from the " revolution " neoconservative to the liberalisms " Progressive " generating so one acceleration, never seen in the history of the concentration of wealth and inequality.
    The expansion of the speculative financial to the detriment of the economy Real provoked one crisis , to scale world of the system economic, which brought with it the loss of millions of jobs. The crises generated by the COVID-19 represents one new opportunity to take one change of direction in these economic policies that have proven their failure.
    Aware of our condition of representatives of one large number of workers, and of our responsibility to one stage of such magnitude, we decided to gather our efforts of reflection and shared with peers and colleagues and with organizations sisters, our concerns, our proposals and our suggestions for the action. It is thus that retaking the spirit originating in the FSM, we propose one mobilization parallel and alternative to the next Forum Economic World which will take a place in Singapore the next month of May.

    We claim the need to:
    · Responses of emergency to protect to the and the workers and ensure one work decent
    · One development sustainable and one transition fair
    · One model of state with investment public that protects to the people
    · The protection of the people migrants
    · The justice tax
    · The cancellation and renegotiation of the debt of the United
    · One change in the order international and one redefinition of the multiculturalism next to one New Agreement Global of the Governance
    · The fulfillment of the commitments assumed by the states that allow one development sustainable to the people in the center
    · The lifting of the embargo against the people
    · Agreements Framework Global efficient and based on the standards of the ILO and on the rights as to the organization union and the bargaining collectively to put an end to the infringement of rights human in the chain of supply
    · The recognition of the work essential to often not paid or poorly paid, as the of the care of the people
    · The guarantee of rights for all and the workers of the new forms of employment related to the digitization
    · Networks of protection universal and income minimum guaranteed
    · The guarantee of human rights and scenarios of peace

    To reaffirm that no 're willing to delegate to the big powerful of the world our lives, the present and her future of our society and of the planet.

    Place n°3:

    global, with decentralized actions at regional and national level