Nombre Main activities Other(s) Main activity(ies) Country
Visibilidade Cegos Brasil Activism, Cultural inclusiveness, Decent work, Democracy, Differently Abled, Disability, Diversity, Education, Equality, Feminism, Human rights, Social, Social Inclusion, Social movement, Social services, Technology, Work Brazil
Vision Communautaire Activism Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
Voces de la educación Curriculum, Democracy, Education Mexico
VP Centro de Nutrição Funcional Food Brazil
Wageningen University Academic Netherlands
Waiter Union Social justice Australia
Wanawake Mashinani Initiative Human rights Kenya
Wazo Coop Access to knowledge, Advocacy, Arts, Employment, Equal opportunity, Feminism, Gender equity, Heritage, Social, Social and solidarity finances, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy, Women, Young People Spain
Women in Black - Italy Other/s

Women against militarism and nationalism

WOMEN IN FRONT CAMEROON Activism, Animal welfare, Buen vivir, Campaigning, Community development, Feminism, Gender, Health, Human rights, LBGTQI+, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Training, Wellbeing, Women, Young People Cameroon
Women Media and Development (TAM) Activism, Advocacy, Campaigning, Communication, Community development, Democracy, Digital, Equality, Gender equity, Human rights, Information, Media Palestine, State of
Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) Activism Nepal
Women's Working Group on Financing for Development Campaigning, Care work, Circular economy, Development aid, Domestic work, Equality, Fair Trade, Feminism, Financial, Gender equity, Global relations, Governance, Infrastructure, International cooperation, Jobs, Social justice, Women Mexico
Women's World Summit Foundation Equal opportunity, Equality, Fight against poverty, Food, Gender, Gender equity, Health, Housing, Human rights, International, Membership activities, Networking, Peasant's farming, Poverty, Sustainable Development Goals, Water, Wellbeing, Wellness, Women, Youth Switzerland
Working Peoples' Charter Network Labour India
World BEYOND War Activism United States
World Council of Churches Faith-based community Switzerland
world muslim syudents organization Academic, Activism, Anti-racism, Arts, Culture, Global relations, Healthcare, Human rights, Membership activities, Religion, Women, Young People, Youth Iran, Islamic Republic of
World Social Forum 2021
World Social Forum for Health and Social Protection Social justice Brazil
World Social Forum on Health and Social Security / Forum Social Mundial de la Salud y de la Seguridad Social Popular education Brazil
World Social Forum Renewal Group / Towards a New World Social Forum Other/s

International cooperation

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Agroecology, Animal welfare, Biodiversity, Charity, Climate action, Cultural inclusiveness, Degrowth, Education, Environmentally sustainable, Food, Food sovereignty, Peasant's farming, Permaculture, Reduce, Renewable energy Virgin Islands, British
Xarxa d'Economia Alternativa i Solidària de les Illes Balears (REAS Balears) Equal opportunity Spain
Xarxa d'Economia Solidària de Catalunya Buen vivir Spain
XES ( Xarxa d'Economia Solidària ) Activism, Social economy Spain
Young Advocates for Integrated Development Initiative Y-AID Activism, Children, Gender equity Nigeria
Youth Action Hub Guinea - UNCTAD Youth Guinea
Youth In Action Program Cameroon
Zajednicko Work Serbia
Zambia Social Forum (ZAMSOF) Activism, Agroecology, Climate, Environmentally sustainable Zambia
Zimbabwe People's Land Rights Movement Access, Access to knowledge, Accommodation, Administration, Advocacy, Campaigning, Climate action, Community development, Equal opportunity, Financial Zimbabwe
Партия зеленых Information Russian Federation