Nombre Main activities Other(s) Main activity(ies) Country
GEASur - Grupo de Estudos em Educação Ambiental desde El Sur Academic Brazil
Gender and Development in Practice (GADIP) Activism, Gender, Gender equity Sweden
Geneos 1
GEPA - Grupo de estudos Inter-Ações Pessoa-ambiente Academic Brazil
GEYC Sustainable Development Goals Romania
GiTaKA Education Brazil
Glasgow Agreement Climate, Climate action, Social justice, Social movement Uganda
GlasgowAgreement Activism, Climate, Climate action, Other/s

Climate Justice

Global Campaign for Education Human rights South Africa
Global Campaign On Military Spending - GCOMS Other/s

Peace; Demilitarization; Disarmament

Global Chance Climate, Climate action, Democracy, Ecology, Energy, Natural resources, Renewable energy France
Global Change Research Institute Academic, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Ecology Czech Republic
Global Dialogue for Systemic Change International cooperation, Networks, Social justice, Social movement, Sustainable Development Goals, Systems, Other/s

systemic alternatives

Global Forest Coalition Biodiversity Netherlands
Global Forum of Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent
Global Green New Deal
Global Humaniste Education, Environment, Health Togo
Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Care, Care work, Children, Commons, Development aid, Education, Health, Healthcare, Housing rights, Human rights, International cooperation, Law, Legal, Legal structures, Rights, Social justice, social security, Social services, Other/s

Privatisation, public services

United States
Global Justice Now Climate action, Commons, Development aid, Equality, Fair Trade, Fight against poverty, Finance, Health, Healthcare, International, Membership activities, Trade United Kingdom
Global Platform for the Right to the City
Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C)
Global Social Justice Social justice Belgium
Global Tapestry of Alternatives Activism, Alternative communication, Global relations, International cooperation, Movement organizing, Networking, Networks, Social movement, Other/s

Solidarity networks and strategic alliances for radical alternatives

Global University for Sustainability Indigenous peoples, Industry China
Global Working Group Beyond Development Access to knowledge, Anti-racism, Buen vivir, Community & collective spaces, Degrowth, Democracy, Learning, Popular education, Research Tunisia
Global Youth Parliament Communication, Cultural inclusiveness, Democracy, Human rights, International cooperation, Youth Nepal
GMPIS - Grupo de Mulheres de Partilha de Ideais de Sofala Differently Abled Mozambique
Gökyüzü Sanatsal İyilik Vakfı Arts Turkey
Governance From Below, Inc. Climate, Democracy United States
GRAIN Activism, Agriculture, Agroecology, Climate action, Food sovereignty Spain
Graines Gender equity, Social and solidarity finances Senegal
Grandhotel Cosmopolis Activism, Anti-racism, Arts, Cultural inclusiveness, Culture, Diversity, Equality, Free culture and knowledge, Human rights, Migrant, Recycling, Refugee, Repair, Right to the City, Social, Social justice, Upcycle, Volunteering Germany
Grassroots to Global Assemblies (G2G)
Greenpeace Activism Netherlands
Grito dos Excluídos Continental Rights Brazil
Grito dos Excluídos/as Continental Other/s

Seguridade Social, Saúde e Migrações

Groupe l'Entre-Gens Fight against poverty Canada
Grup de Cientifics i Tècnics per un Futur No Nuclear Energy Spain
Grupo de Estudios Rurales-Grupo de Estudios de los Movimientos Sociales de América Latina Academic, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Buen vivir, Food, Food sovereignty, Indigenous peoples, Research, Social movement Argentina
Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educação, Políticas e Currículos pós críticos - GEPEP/UFSB/CNPq Academic Brazil
Grupo de Inv. en Nutrición y Sistemas Alimentarios Saludables y Sostenibles (INSAS) - Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) Other/s

Food systems

Grupo de Investigación de Economía Social Solidaria UCE Academic Ecuador
Grupo de pesquisa Economia Política da Comunicação e da Cultura
Grupo de Pesquisa Margens, Culturas e Epistemologias Dissidentes - GEP MARGENS Poverty Brazil
Grupo de Trabalho Direito à Cidade a partir de uma Política Antirracista
GRUPO EDUCAÇÃO DIVERSIDADE ÉTNICO RACIAL E DIREITOS HUMANOS (GEDERDH) Democracy, Diversity, Education, Fight against poverty, Social justice Brazil
Grupo Facilitador del FSM 2021 Global relations Mexico
Grupo Mulher Maravilha Access to knowledge, Anti-racism, Buen vivir, Democracy, Equality, Feminism, Fight against poverty, Gender, Herbal medicines, Human rights Brazil
Grupo Mulheres do Benvirá Gender, Gender equity, Human rights, Local economy Brazil
Grupo promotor encuentro municipalismo social Activism Spain
Grupo Red de Economía Social Solidaria Agroecology, Biodiversity, Collaborative economy, Domestic work, International cooperation, Local economy, Social and solidarity finances, Social finance, Social solidarity economy, Territorial development, Women Peru
Grupo Red de Economia Solidaria del Perú GRESP Activism Peru
Grupo Reunidos Culture Brazil
Grupo Sistemas Complexos e Inteligência Coletiva Access to knowledge Brazil
Grupo Técnico Parque Augusta Ecology Brazil
GSEID- Grupo de Socioeconomía, Instituciones y Desarrollo Academic Colombia
GT Agora WG Other/s

Implementacion de vision y principios FSM para manifestacion concreta WSF vision and princimples implementation

GTALLIANCE Administration, Management, Research, Sustainable Development Goals United Kingdom
Guerrilla Translation Solidarity economy Spain
GWATÁ Núcleo de Agroecologia e Educação do Campo Other/s Brazil
Habitat International Coalition
Habitat International Coalition - América Latina Climate action, Housing rights, Human rights Mexico
Habitations Nouvelles Avenues Collaborative economy, Commons, Social care, Social Inclusion Canada
Haki Nawiri Afrika Youth Kenya
Holiday Exchange coop Other/s

Social and solidarity sustenible tourism

Homenet Southeast Asia Solidarity economy Philippines
Human Development Organization (HDO Sri Lanka) Human rights Sri Lanka
Humanistas Por la Renta Básica Universal Social justice, Social movement, Young People Spain
Humanova Access to knowledge Mexico
HUMANs - Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks Collaborative economy United States
Hunabku / Trazabilidad Ecológica A.C. Ecological restoration Mexico
IANB Instituto da Advocacia Negra Brasileira
ibromusa foundation Philanthropy Nigeria
IDIS - Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social Advocacy, Collaborative economy, Equal opportunity, Governance, Human rights, Networking, Philanthropy, Research, Social, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, Sustainable Development Goals, Training, Volunteering Brazil
IESOL/UEPG Solidarity economy Brazil
IFE Italia Activism, Anti-racism, Campaigning, Commons, Domestic work, Ecology, Equality, Feminism, Health, Labour, Women, Work Italy
IFOAM Organics International Agroecology Germany
ImaginAction Global Network Arts, Climate action, Collaborative economy, Diversity, Environmentally sustainable, Equal opportunity, International cooperation, Popular education, Rights, Social economy, Wellbeing, Young People Italy
Imago Barcelona Ecological packing Spain
Impact Social Club Campaigning France
IN COMMON Commons, Community & collective spaces, Free libre & open source software Belgium
Inades Formation Côte d'Ivoire Advocacy Côte d’Ivoire
INAISE Finance, Networks Canada
Incubadora Tecnológica de Cooperativas Populares da Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
Incubadora Tecnológica de Cooperativas Populares da Universidade do Vale do Itajaí - ITCP/UNIVALI Academic, Access to knowledge, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Environmentally sustainable, Fair Trade, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy Brazil
Individual Academic, Activism Greece
Indomitas Coletiva Feminista
Indumenta: dress and textiles studies in Brazil
Information CenterFor Research And Development
Initiative for the Support and Pomotion of Human Shelter Advocacy, Climate action, Community development, Environment, Gender, Governance, Housing, Networking, Sustainable Development Goals, Water, Youth Nigeria
Initiative Pour un Autre Monde - IPAM Human rights, International, Rights, Social movement France
INMI Migrant Spain
Innova Prosalud Health, Healthcare, Jobs Costa Rica
INPADE Climate, LBGTQI+, Poverty, Rights, Social justice Argentina
INSP!R ASIA social security Indonesia