• Consutation Meeting of Women Migrant Workers on cost of migration and social protection.
    Data: 09/02/2023 - 01:30 UTC
    Duração : 90 min

    Social protection is a universal human right and a key element of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While this right unequivocally applies to migrants, irrespective of migration status, migrant women in particular often remain excluded. About half of the total migrant population are estimated to be women among which only some 22 per cent are estimated to be covered by social protection while sex disaggregated data are limited,. Evidence shows that migrant women struggle to access social protection in the face of policies and services that do not respond to their needs. Migrant women’s exclusion from social protection often stems from their irregular migration status and/or the fact that they are informally employed. However, there are initiatives such as the recently introduced SSF made by Government of Nepal and several other initiatives to address the social cost and social security of women migrants. Women migrants from both Nepal and Bangladesh face similar challenges regarding the social cost. Therefore, AMKAS in collaboration with BNSK will organize a virtual meeting with at least 30 to 40 returnee and women migrants from Nepal and Bangladesh to interact on the cost and social protection of women migrant workers with the objectives: to aware the definition of social cost and social security to the participants; to share and learn from their stories the level of understanding of the social cost and social security ; to come up with recommendations for social protection systems to work for women migrants in formulating laws, policies and
    regulations and also to design programs and services.

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    Espaço(s) temático(s) da atividade: 1. Alternativas econômicas dos Povos e justiça sócio-econômica, 7. Educação, ciência e tecnologia a serviço dos Povos, 10. Luta contra as discriminações, o racismo e pela autodeterminação
    Modalidade: Combinando presencial/virtual

    At least 40 returnee and women migrants will virtually participate to discuss on the social cost and social protection of women migrant after 10 mins presentations presentations by AMKAS and BNSK on social cost and social security with some points for participants to discuss on through story telling and experience sharing. The outcome of the activity will contribute in the advocacy to the WSF 2024.

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    It will be a virtual program for cost effective to contribute to the WSF