• Divest-Reinvest: Towards a Local Peace Economy
    Data: 01/24/2021 - 18:00 UTC
    Duração : 90 min

    David Swanson (USA), Co-Founder & Executive Director World BEYOND War
    Kelly Curry (USA) CODEPINK Local Peace Economy Organizer
    Susi Snyder (Netherlands), Coordinator for Don't Bank on the Bomb
    Moderator: Greta Zarro (USA), Organizing Director, World BEYOND War
    Divestment gives direct agency to individuals and communities to cut ties to destructive industries. In this panel, three leading organizers will present case studies of successful & diverse divestment models, including fossil fuel and weapons divestment. Beyond divestment, we will explore how divestment must be paired with reinvestment strategies that advance a just transition from a war economy to a peace economy.

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