• Thinking and Acting in a Disrupted World: Governance, Environment and People
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    Data: 01/26/2021 - 17:15 UTC
    Duração : 15 min

    Earth retrieval (regeneration) and People retrieval (regeneration) are dealt with simultaneously, in space and time; since they depend on each other. Problems and the contexts in which they occur are re-interpreted and restructured through an ecosystem lens, thus altering the ways to address them. Development of new socio-cultural learning niches, both in the academia and in the society at large, generates awareness, interpretation and understanding, from a thematic (“what”), an epistemic (“how”) and a strategic (policies) point of view, encompassing all dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical), as they combine to elicit the events and organize for change.
    Ref.: PILON, A. F., Education Towards a Responsible Society: An Ecosystemic Approach for Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes, 2nd HEIRRI Conference, Vienna, 2018 [on line]:

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    University of São Paulo
    International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology

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