• Kamgar Sanrakshan Sammaan Sangh
    Pais: India
    Cidade / subúrbio: Mumbai
    Missão / resumo:

    Kamgar Sanrakshan Sammaan Sangh-an informal sector workers union came into existence in 2019 having its main office in Mumbai. As the name suggests the objective of the union is to work towards ensuring dignity and protection of the informal labour force which constitute 97% of India’s total labour force contributing to 50% of the country’s GDP. The informal sector workers include masons, electricians, painters, carpenters, domestic help, construction workers, security guards, sweepers, waste workers, daily wage workers, app-based workers, taxi/auto drivers etc. However, given the informal nature of work, these informal sector workers do not enjoy job security, wage security, job site safety and social security benefits and have a very low and irregular income.

    Atividades principais: Activism, Advocacy, Democracy, Natural environment, Nature, Rentals, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Women, Young People, Youth
    Tipo de organização: Charity, Community group, Informal Group – Collective, NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Union
    Escala de ação: Regional

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