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    EQUATIONS was founded in 1985 to examine the impacts of tourism development, liberalisation and new economic polices. EQUATIONS envisions a just and equitable world, where all people have the freedom and the right to determine their lives and future. We envision forms of tourism which are non-exploitative, where decision making is democratised, and access to and benefits of tourism are equitably distributed. EQUATIONS believes in the capacity of individuals and communities to actualise their potential for the well-being of society. We work toward justice, equity, people centred and movement centred activism, democratisation and dialogue.

    Atividades principais: Access, Advocacy, Biodiversity, Campaigning, Children, Climate, Climate action, Commons, Community & collective spaces, Creative commons, Cultural inclusiveness, Decent work, Decision making, Diversity, Ecological restoration, Education, Environmentally sustainable, Equal opportunity, Equality, Fair Trade, Gender, Gender equity, Governance, Heritage, Hospitality, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Industry, International cooperation, Labour, LBGTQI+, Leisure, Local economy, Markets, Migrant, Natural resources, Networking, Research, Sustainable Development Goals, Tourism, Waste treatment, Women, Young People
    Tipo de organização: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Not-For-Profit
    Escala de ação: International

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