• Trueque - Intercambios de Necesidades y Saberes
    Pais: Costa Rica
    Cidade / subúrbio: Cartago
    Missão / resumo:

    We are a collective that focuses on regenerating Mother Earth, reconnecting ourselves as humans to nature again, and encouraging ways of living in community that promote social equity (in terms of ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, age, religious and spiritual beliefs, economic situation, physical and mental diversity, etc.).

    Atividades principais: Access, Access to knowledge, Agriculture, Agroecology, Anti-racism, Biodiversity, Children, Collaborative economy, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Conservation, Cultural inclusiveness, Degrowth, Diversity, Ecological restoration, Education, Environment, Environmentally sustainable, Equality, Feminism, Fight against poverty, Food sovereignty, Gender equity, Local economy, Natural environment, Older people, Organic, Permaculture, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Sharing economy, Skills, Social care, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, Solidarity economy, Upcycle, Waste treatment, Water, Women, Young People, Youth
    Tipo de organização: Informal Group – Collective, Self-employed Members
    Escala de ação: National

    Instagram: @trueque_intercambios