• Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development
    Pais: Egypt
    Cidade / subúrbio: Zahraa Nasr City
    Missão / resumo:

    Mediterranean Youth Foundation for Development is the first foundation is oriented to the Mediterranean countries, it has been established in 2018 on the Arab Republic of Egypt. Led by Youth to serve youth.
    our Objectives are:Promoting a culture of intercultural dialogue and cultural pluralism among the Mediterranean and neighboring countries, Building youth capacities to keep pace with development and face global challenges (technological, environmental and climatic) as well as Contributing to achieving and promoting the fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, tenth, thirteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth SDGs.In addition to promote the participation of young men and women in achieving peace and security (2250), the human fraternity document and the sixteenth goal of the sustainable development goals.Enhancing youth participation to achieve peace,security and human fraternity and Empowering young women in societies with less access to opportunities and helping them navigate beyond borders.

    Atividades principais: Other/s
    Tipo de organização: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Escala de ação: Regional
    Outra(s) atividade(s):

    Mobility-Climate Action-Social Inclusion-Youth-membership activity-Gender Equality-Culture.

    Telefone: +20224127651

    Euro-Mediterranean countries