• The California Arrest to Deportation Pipeline: How Federal US Immigration Collaborates with Local Law Enforcement to Funnel People into ICE
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    Activity Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 18:00 UTC
    Duration: 60 min
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    Federal US immigration authorities rely heavily on local criminal-legal systems to identify non-citizens for detention and deportation, creating what is often referred to as the “arrest-to-deportation pipeline.” The arrest-to-deportation pipeline disproportionately impacts low-income immigrants of color. This is unsurprising. When Black and Brown community members are targets of criminal enforcement, they are arrested and prosecuted at higher rates, torn from families and communities, and deported, at higher rates. States and local governments have critical authority and can take concrete steps to help end the arrest-to-deportation pipeline. This resource provides a roadmap of how to disrupt the pipeline in California! Disrupting the pipeline requires influencing the appropriate local actor or agency to ensure that the enforcement of the law does not happen in a way that harms immigrants of color and places them at risk of deportation. This workshop lays out what organizers, advocates and activists can do to disrupt the pipeline that criminalizes immigration and funnels people into ICE detention and at worst, deportation. It will highlight organizing and legal tactics being done currently by the Immigrant Rights Movement within California to dismantle this pipeline. Lessons learned from advocacy in California are vital to disrupting discriminatory immigration laws within the U.S. that have far reaching global consequences.

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