• An Overall vision about the situation of human rights and Democracy in North Africa
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    Activity Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 12:00 UTC
    Duration: 90 min
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    Africa is witnessing wide trending raise of shrinking democratic civic Space that is harmful to the enjoyment of Human rights .States in Northern Africa implement laws and policies that restrict the right of privacy and freedom of Assembly in this context the work of HRDs is critical .HRDs , individuals and organizations who speak up and defense of human rights where democratic space is at risk . Human defenders increasingly face challenges and threats including funding cuts, physical and verbal attacks.

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    Dar Africa
    center Think Diffrently
    Réseau Unité pour le development de Mauritanie

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    Thematic space(s) of the activity: 6. Democracy, Political Participation, Building Critical Global Citizenships, and Autonomy
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