• PP21 Forum on Rural and Indigenous Community Building in Asia
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    Activity Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 12:00 UTC
    Duration: 180 min
    Brief Description:

    Activity Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 12:00-15:00 UTC (19:00-22:00 Bangkok time)
    Simultaneous Interpretation: English, Spanish, and Chinese
    Duration: 180-215 mins

    Asian Cultural Forum for Development (ACFOD)
    Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA)
    CCRD-CS, Lingnan University
    Global University for Sustainability
    People’s Plan Study Group (PPSG)

    Coordinator: Sit Tsui Jade Margaret (Southwest University, China)

    Part I: East Asia (Bangkok time 7.00-8.35pm)
    Moderator: Lau Kin Chi (Lingnan University, China)
    Speakers [15 mins each]:

    [1] Being Sustainable--A small-scale Farming and Processing Work in Yamagata, Japan
    Hikita Mitsuko (Yamagata Farmers Group, Japan)

    [2] Challenges and Findings for A New Geosymbiotic Fruit tree Farming:
    under the Existing Governance of “Agricultural Land Law” and Local Farming Customs in Japan (Ikoma city, Takayamacho)
    Takeshi Shiratori (Setsunan University, Japan)

    [3] Observation from a Collaborative Project Geosymbiotic Workshop 2019: Challenges Facing the Ethnic Minority Communities of the Agent Orange Sprayed Areas in Central Vietnam
    Takeshi Shiratori (Setsunan University, Japan)

    [4] The Making of a Youth Commune in Central China
    Liang Shaoxiong (Puhan New Youth Commune, Shanxi Province, China)

    [5] The Village Songs Project: A Cultural Intervention in Rural Revitalization
    Sun Heng (Loving Home-Village Songs Project, Beijing, China)

    Q&A [20 mins]

    Part II: Southeast Asia (Bangkok time 8.35-9.35pm)
    Moderator: Boonthan T Verawongse (ACFOD, Thailand)
    Speakers [15 mins each]:

    [1] The Lumad Bakwit School in the Philippines
    Kat-Kat Dalon and Jose Monfred C.Sy (Lumad Bakwit School and University of the Philippines, Philippines)

    [2] The Struggle for Agrarian Reform and Current Projects of SPP
    Yani Srimulyani (Serikat Petani Pasundan, Indonesia)

    [3] Case of Indigenous Peoples in Thailand
    Nittaya Earkanna (Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association, Thailand)

    Q&A [15 mins]

    Part III: South Asia (Bangkok time 9.35-10.35pm)
    Moderator: Sit Tsui Jade Margaret (Southwest University, China)
    Speakers [15 mins each]:

    [1] The Rural Reconstruction Movement in Nepal: Past and Present
    Arjun Karki (Rural Reconstruction Movement, Nepal)

    [2] Land Rights, Feudalism, and Food Sovereignty
    Farooq Tariq (Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, Pakistan)

    [3] Building the Right to Food Network
    Kaniz Fatima (Right to Food, Bangladesh)

    Q&A [15 mins]

    Language(s) of the Activity: Spanish, English, Other/s
    Other/s Language(s) of the Activity:

    English, Spanish, and Chinese

    Others Proponent Organizations:

    CCRD, Lingnan University

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    Thematic space(s) of the activity: 1. Economic Alternatives of Peoples and Socioeconomic Justice, 2. Art and Culture for Life, 5. Defense of Life, Environment and Territories
    Modality: Virtual Activity (100% Online)

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    Zoom webinar to be organized in Hong Kong, China