• The Natural resources in Sahara as a Pilar to development
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    Activity Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 15:00 UTC
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    The question of sovereignty in traditional law is built around the relation among states. However, the concept of sovereignty also relates strongly to exercises power by state in certain territory. For international law, the development of natural resources is governed by the doctrine of permanent sovereignty over natural resources which back up what I mentioned about the question of sovereignty in the start. This doctrine, as it is generally understood, provides that every state has the right to dispose of its natural resources in accordance with its national interest .Every state, therefore, possesses sovereignty rights over national resources located with boundaries of its territory. I made this introduction because where I come from the Sahara is an area of conflict between independent state *Morocco* and supported militia called Polisario which has no sovereignty but it exist in foreign territory called Tindouf provided by another state to affect internal Morocco.

    Because of this conflict, the question of natural resources has always been raised there, but one must know the most challenging truths or how natural resources in Sahara are oriented to the well-being of local population

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