• Embodying Peace to thrive through Times of Social Transition - while exploring Social Presencing Theatre
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    Activity Date: Friday, May 6, 2022 - 17:00 UTC
    Duration: 90 min
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    The war in Ukraine goes on. The COVID-pandemic goes on. Massive economic, environmental and social issues continue to divide us.
    It is too easy to feel "stuck" -in a mixture of powerlessness, numbness, fear, anger, sadness etc - and we cannot really understand or make sense of any of it. But, in that stuck-ness, there are seeds of future possibilities which we can unlock through the wisdom of our bodies.

    Come and join us in a participatory session to see what emerges for you in this supportive and exploratory space.

    Language(s) of the Activity: English
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    Thematic space(s) of the activity: 2. Art and Culture for Life, 4. Peace Building, Migration, Strategies for dealing with Wars
    Modality: Virtual Activity (100% Online)