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    Activity Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 15:00 UTC
    Duration: 120 min
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    The world we live in today is best characterized as being in perpetual state of conflict and pacification of resistance. In this modern age, conflict has manifested itself in various forms; from high-intensity armed conflict or the threat of nuclear annihilation, to more dissimulated forms such as state surveillance, the criminalisation of dissent, strategies of economic impoverishment, or misogyny. Regardless of the form, expressions of violence serve to underpin and uphold the patriarchal, capitalist system that defines the world we live in.
    While conflict ensues, it strips people off of their basic fundamental rights of existence, speech, association, and assembly, and fragments an otherwise healthy society. This global anti-war forum has been established to make an urgent call to de-escalate, to demilitarize, to end this permanent state of war and to engage in the challenge of building and enduring lasting peace. While international advocacy groups are working to address the challenges these conflicts present to society, there is a need for building global solidarity to condemn war and conflict.
    This forum will be held in two parts at the WSF 2022; an in-person event on the 3rd May, 2022 which will involve an interactive mapping exercise where those present will be asked to map out war, militarism, and other forms of violence in their countries or regions. Following this interactive session, on 4th May, 2022 an online event will be held which will include speeches of solidarity for all the people and communities living in perpetual state of conflict, followed by policy recommendations for international advocacy groups, stakeholders, and international forum. This event will be aimed at highlighting the voices of resistance, of the victims, and the marginalized that continue to remain subjugated under the big power competition.
    This will be an ongoing process with a body responsible for arranging regular events/conferences and presenting a consolidated voice against wars and conflicts taking place, globally. The main idea behind the body is to build solidarity, which will culminate at the WSF Event, annually to urge governments, international organizations and forum, and other prominent stakeholders, of the dangers of war, and enhancing capacities to affect policy change.

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