• Protecting lives in the aftermath of climatic hazards and disasters- Disaster Risk Reduction strategies
    Activity Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024 - 05:45 UTC
    Duration: 90 min
    Brief Description:

    The session will describes the state of increasing incidence of climatic hazards making communities vulnerable to disasters. The experts will provide community based Disaster Risk Reduction strategies and preparedness techniques with a focus on localization of Disaster Risk Management regime to empower local communities against vulnerabilities.

    Language(s) of the Activity: English
    Others Proponent Organizations:

    Oxfam GB in Pakistan

    How to get in touch and participate in activity?:; +923215305452 (WhatsApp)

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    Thematic space(s) of the activity: 5. Defense of Life, Environment and Territories
    Modality: Presence-based Activity (100% presential)