• New Challenges for Justice in Palestine les nouveaux défis pour la justice en Palestine
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    Activity Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021 - 17:00 UTC
    Duration: 180 min
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    It seems that in Palestine old is new and new is more of the old. Justice remains elusive, a mirage in the fields of resistance. The occupation continues and keeps reinventing itself. Normalization has dug its roots deep in the arid government terrains across the Arab world. Is Palestine getting isolated?
    It is also true that the struggle for the liberation of Palestine has been going on since generations and has sustained itself despite the unending challenges. It is also a fact that this struggle has been inspiring the people globally and has created an international solidarity movement, the largest ever, that continues to build momentum and reinvent itself.
    What is the situation in Palestine today as far as the liberation struggle goes? What are the new challenges and what needs to be done?

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    Arabic - French

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    Alternative International
    Mashreq - Maghreb Social Forum

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