• CLIMATE EMERGENCY:Threat to civilization-social, public health and ecosystemic impacts of climate change.CLIMATE JUSTICE/CAPITALISM,consumerism / egoism, Society's and also individual's rupture with environment and Mother Earth. Extinction?
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    Activity Date: Friday, January 29, 2021 - 22:15 UTC
    Duration: 120 min
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    The SOCIOENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS that we face today, emphasizes absolute EMERGENCY that is climate change and which poses great challenges in quality of life, and indeed for survival of humanity, beginning with the poorest and the workers class.This activity presents anthropic provoked climate emergency in our days,* in all dimensions * and ruptures. Science warns catastrophic consequence of increase in average temp.of the planet exceeding 1.5 °C (which continues increasing X reducing); and the lack of commitment and CRIMINAL inertia among heads of state and capitalism worldwide, with immense suffering and losses for humanity, animals/plants on the planet (ECOCIDE), catastrophic overcome !! The worst scenarios point increase of up to 8 ° C in the average temp. of the planet if we don’t immediately cut GHGs that we emit planetwide, and some predictions that we can come to 1 billion deaths p/degree that average temp. in planet rises! Extinction ??Complement at "Documents",6th item bellow.

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    Topics: Activism, Biodiversity, Buen vivir, Climate, Climate action, Conservation, Degrowth, Democracy, Ecology, Energy, Environment
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