• Deep South Roundtable: Global Dialogue on Solidarity, Mutual Aid, and Economic Development
    Activity Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 15:00 UTC
    Duration: 120 min
    Brief Description:

    This global dialogue is among dispossessed and marginalized communities from Appalachia and Alabama within the crumbling US empire and community organizers, popular educators, and social activists from the Global South in Latin America and Africa. All participants will reflect on shared struggles and mutual aid. Our main questions will be 'What is solidarity? How to ensure mutual aid does not act as a bandaid to sustain capitalism, imperialism, coloniality, patriarchy, and other patterns of domination? Why is it necessary to incorporate anti-racist strategies? What does an alternative notion of solidarity look like?

    Speakers include:
    Nonhle Mbuthuma (South Africa - Eastern Mpondoland) - Farmer and anti-mining activist in Umgungundlovu in Eastern Mpondoland, South Africa. Nonhle engaged in anti-mining struggles in early 1996 when an Australian mining company discovered titanium along the coast. Nonhle serves as the spokesperson of the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC, formed in 2007. ACC has won two significant advancements: first is the Right to Say No case of the 2018 November high court, and the second is the right to access to information, giving communities the right to inspect mining applications.

    Misty Skaggs (US - Appalachia) - An artist and activist as well as an author and editor, and her Appalachian roots are tightly entangled with all of her work. She is also one of the founding members of EKY Mutual Aid and maintains their online presence and community fund.

    Gabriela Villavicencio (Mexico - Oaxaca)- Faculty-Owner of the Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice, Oaxaca, Mexico

    Majadi Baruti (US - Alabama) - Farmer and Co-Director of Dynamite Hill Smithfield Community Land Trust in Birmingham, Alabama

    Warren Tidwell (US - Alabama) - Statewide Organizer for Hometown Action in Alabama

    Mabrouka M'Barek (Facilitator) - Member of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly (2011-2014), Doctoral student at UMass Amherst, co-facilitator of the Global Working Group Beyond Development (GWGBD),

    Zac Hyden (Facilitator) - Executive Director and Shop Foreman of The Automotive Free Clinic (ACE) in Montgomery, Alabama. The Automotive Free Clinic is a survival program for transportation for the working class and other distressed people. They offer automotive repair at no or low cost to those in need and organize popular education and Deep South roundtables solidarity dialogues. See

    Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (Facilitator), Global Tapestry of Alternatives (GTA) -

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    This is the first part of a double session on the fight against Fascism titled 'Power and Democracy: Despair and Hope' on the 28th Jan 2021, 12 noon UTC. Link:

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