• Children´s rights and child-friendly justice: an issue of social justice and democracy
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    Activity Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 02:00 UTC
    Duration: 120 min
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    The Convention on the Rights of the Child has challenged our conceptions on the perception and recognition of children in our societies. From object of protection to subject of rights, children are now recognized as social actors and agents, with the right to be informed of all matters in which they are concerned and therefore to express themselves and to have their views heard and considered.

    The Justice System has been challenged to improve its organization, its procedures and also cultural patterns and attitudes towards children. It´s an ongoing process, with a large diversity of strategies in the world, based on the principles of the Convention: participation, non-discrimination, development and best-interest of the child.

    The idea of a child-friendly justice aims to be an umbrella concept and value to address a holistic comprehension of what´s at stake in the transformative process, in an integrative analysis of principled organization, structure, procedures and attitudes regarding children within the Justice System.

    Among a diversity of conceptions of what could and should be a child-friendly justice, both the Committee on the Rights of the Child and AIMJF bring an international perspective, aiming to discuss in this activity in World Social Forum what´s at stake with the concept of child-friendly justice, the major concerns on a non-discriminatory perspective, addressing some specific and most relevant issues in the pandemic.

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