• Providing good education
    Activity Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 16:00 UTC
    Duration: 0 min
    Brief Description:

    Providing quality education has always been one of the most challenging things this country has to face every day. Sure, teaching has become more modernized with smart classes and online instruction, which again was revolutionized by the ongoing pandemic. Online teaching has provided a lot of opportunities for students to gain an education but how much of it is of quality is a doubt. The numbers weigh heavier on the quantity than the quality.

    Language(s) of the Activity: English, Other/s
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    Thematic space(s) of the activity: 2. Art and Culture for Life, 6. Democracy, Political Participation, Building Critical Global Citizenships, and Autonomy, 7. Education, Science and Technology at the Service of the Peoples
    Modality: Presence-based Activity (100% presential)