• The Third Universal Periodic Review of the United States of America: What You Can Do Anywhere in the World
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    Brief description (Purpose or mission of your initiative, what it wants to transform, etc.):

    From Preparation to Consideration: Our Results: Now Adoption to Implementation: How to Realize Our Rights

    This will be a four week campaign launched on Valentine's Day until the actual adoption on March 15 - 17. Then there will be a six week campaign after adoption to implementation leading up to Earth Day

    How promoting group is organized and criteria for considering inclusion of new entities in the group:

    We are impusling the initiative with an event on January 30 at the World Social Forum. We will continue with a Drafting Committee meeting for an International Bill of Rights during the UN Human Rights Council in February-March.

    Scope: International
    Type of initiative: Alternative and Innovative practice
    Main activity area: Human rights
    Where is the initiative located?: Online
    Public actions description and dates for this initiative:

    February 14. #WeLoveHuman Rights launch UPR campaign.
    February 15 #AcceptMyRecommendation
    February 22 #AcceptMyRecommendation & #MyCityMyRights
    March 1 #CongressActNow #AcceptMyRights
    March 8 #PresidentBidenActNow #VicePresidentHarrisActNow #AcceptMyRights
    March 15 #AcceptMyRecommendation

    March 22 #ImplementMyRecommendation #RealizeMyRights
    March 29 #MyCityMyRights
    April 5 #MyStateMyRight
    April 12 #CongressRealizeMyRights
    April 19 #FederalAgencyRealizeMyRights. DOJ, HHS, HUD, State Department
    April 26 #PresidentBidenActNow #VicePresidentHarrisActNow #RealizeMyRights #ImplementMyRecommendation #RealizeMyRights

    June 1 National Consultation

    Public action date n°1: Sun, 02/14/2021 - 12:00
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    Across Country

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    Public action date n°2: Mon, 02/15/2021 - 12:00
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    Public action date n°3: Mon, 02/01/2021 - 00:00