Brief description (Purpose or mission of your initiative, what it wants to transform, etc.):

    Building a space for Zimbabwean participation in the WSF

    Local internet access point for people to participate in, and contribute their own sessions to, the WSF Mexico 2022

    How promoting group is organized and criteria for considering inclusion of new entities in the group:
    Scope: National
    Type of initiative: Common Agenda
    Main activity area: Activism, Advocacy, Agroecology, Biodiversity, Children, Circular economy, Collaborative economy, Community & collective spaces, Democracy, Diversity, Ecology, Education, Fair Trade, Feminism, Fight against poverty, Food, Food sovereignty, Gender, Gender equity, Global relations, Governance, Habitat, Herbal medicines, Housing, Housing rights, Human rights, International cooperation, Local economy, Organic, Ownership structures, Permaculture, Popular education, Poverty, Recreation, Recycling, Reduce, Reuse, Right to the City, Rights, Sharing economy, Skills, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social movement, Upcycle, Women, Work, Other/s
    Where is the initiative located?: In place
    Public actions description and dates for this initiative:

    12 April 2022 first event

    Public action n°1:


    Public action date n°1: Sat, 04/09/2022 - 00:00