• ACI-WSF Coop Lagos1
    Brief description (Purpose or mission of your initiative, what it wants to transform, etc.):

    This initiative is to show that the mentionned organizations commmit to cooperate logistically to sustain a COOP (collective connection point) in the context of ACI-WSF initiative see and

    How promoting group is organized and criteria for considering inclusion of new entities in the group:

    The group plan is to have the activity physically and then coop other members who wish to join us on zoom, we are delighted or divide ourselves on the roles of which every members of Lagos COOP we take.
    The criteria of involve other organisations is to make a day a reality .
    We are also inviting some divinities from UN body such as Director United Nation Ingormation Center (UNIC)and some other important people in the NGOs World
    We believe that other COOPenbers in other countries will join our activities through ZOOM to make the day a reality

    Scope: National
    Type of initiative: Alternative and Innovative practice
    Main activity area: Activism, Advocacy, Campaigning, Charity, Children, Climate action, Communication, Community development, Cultural inclusiveness, Democracy, Disability, Education, Employment, Equality, Gender equity, Governance, Habitat, Healthcare, Housing rights, Human rights, Networking, Poverty, Public policies, Refugee, Reproductive labour, Research, Rights, Skills, Social and solidarity finances, Social Inclusion, Solidarity economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Technology, Training, Water, Women, Youth
    Where is the initiative located?: In place
    Public actions description and dates for this initiative:

    The sction plan is to defining, preparing and conducting documenting activities mainly or partially related to thematic 9

    PILLAR 9. Struggles against Patriarchy and heteronormative: keys from women, feminism and dissidence 

    Public action n°1:

    Lagos COOP Activity Title: Gender Disparity in Nigerian Sociopolitical and Economic Space

    Public action date n°1: Sat, 04/09/2022 - 11:30
    Brief description n°1:

    Bringing other like mid Ngos together to discuss on the issues affecting womanhood in every areas.
    Sharing of experiences, looking into challenges faced and find appropriate solution then come to the conclusion for recommendation and the way forward to send it to the appropriate authorities for Action.

    Place n°1:

    Ikeja, Lagos