• The 2063 Academy
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    A project aiming to create a common ground between youth and decision-makers to debate the strategies implemented by our government in order to achieve the SDGs and promote the Agenda 2063. The Academy provides a platform for:

    - Exchange
    It is a platform to exchange ideas and experiences between different segments of the society (Youth, senior, experts...) and build their capacities in different fields and focus on soft skills as: debate, policy analysis...
    - Meeting decision-makers
    It is a place where youth can exchange freely with high levels and decision-makers on topics related to the SDGs we were tackling and create and intergenerational dialogue.
    - Debate & Sharing
    It is also an opportunity for the participants to learn and share what they have acquired as knowledge to the public and collect recommendations.

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    Scope: Regional
    Type of initiative: Public Campaign
    Main activity area: Academic, Access to knowledge, Activism, Advocacy, Climate, Climate action, Communication, Community development, Democracy, Education, Environmentally sustainable, Gender equity, Global relations, Governance, Human rights, International cooperation, Public policies, Social justice, Sustainable Development Goals, Volunteering, Young People, Youth
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