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  • Global Tapestry of Alternatives and Adelante
    Country: Mexico
    Mission / brief description:

    The Global Tapestry of Alternatives (GTA) is an initiative seeking to create solidarity networks and strategic alliances amongst all these alternatives on local, regional and global levels. It locates itself in or helps initiate interactions among alternatives. It operates through varied and light structures, defined in each space, that are horizontal, democratic, inclusive and non-centralized, using diverse local languages and other ways of communicating. The initiative has no central structure or control mechanisms. It spreads step by step as an ever-expanding, complex set of tapestries, woven together by already existing communal or collective webs, building on already existing and new alternatives to dominant regimes. It promotes or joins regional, national and global encounters, when the conditions allow for them, as well as close and synergistic linkages with existing organizations, like the World Social Forum.

    Main activities: Agroecology, Alternative communication, Anti-racism, Biodiversity, Buen vivir, Care, Circular economy, Climate, Collaborative economy, Commons, Community & collective spaces, Cultural inclusiveness, Degrowth, Democracy, Diversity, Ecology, Energy, Environmentally sustainable, Feminism, Food sovereignty, Gender, Global relations, Heritage, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, International cooperation, Learning, Local economy, Movement organizing, Natural environment, Networking, Networks, Right to the City, Self-management, Sharing economy, Social, Social and solidarity finances, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy, Spiritual, Territorial development, Water, Wellbeing, Women, Youth
    Type of organization: Collective
    Scope: International