Organization Page

    Country: Ghana
    City / Suburb: Accra
    Mission / brief description:

    Our organization aims to promote well-being, consolidate peace and democracy, to work for the sustainable, participatory and integral human development of populations; to fight for the protection of the environment, the ecosystem; the protection of orphans and vulnerable children; women's empowerment; gender equity.

    Main activities: Access to knowledge, Agriculture, Agroecology, Anti-racism, Arts, Climate, Climate action, Community development, Culture, Democracy, Diversity, Ecological restoration, Ecology, Education, Energy, Equal opportunity, Equality, Fight against poverty, Gender, Gender equity, Human rights, Natural environment, Nature, Poverty, Renewable energy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social services, Water, Women, Youth
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: National
    Phone: +233246888866

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