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  • International Youth Forum
    Country: Sweden
    City / Suburb: Gothenburg
    Mission / brief description:

    One of the most fundamental elements of the progress in human societies is the reliance on youth in implementing projects and seeking to keep up with the development, and this can be accomplished by adopting their bright ideas, refining their experiences and talents and developing them, and creating positive conditions for prosperity and well-being.
    Because of the lack of a safe place, many youths haven’t found someone who contain and direct them positively. Therefore, there is a decent necessity of establishing the international youth forum, which concern of helping and finding solution for young people. This forum has been founded as result of cooperation of activists and academics led by international activist Mr. Ghassan sadawi, where work was initiated on the establishment of a global social progressive youth organization, which approaches the aspirations of young people, meets their desires, and be a home for all without discrimination.

    Main activities: International, Rights, Young People, Youth
    Type of organization: Not-For-Profit
    Scope: International