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  • Innovation for Change - South Asia
    Country: Pakistan
    Mission / brief description:

    I4C South Asia Hub is a platform for civil society organizations, Human Rights Defenders, journalists, activists, and art-ivists across the region of South Asia to come together in solving issues facing civic spaces.
    The increased scrutiny, bureaucratic hurdles, selective application of laws and often draconian legislations, are damaging the vibrancy of civil societies. At times, heinous attacks in the form of unlawful detention, custodial deaths and extra-judicial killings have also been reported. There are cases as well of assassinations by proxy non-state actors and the government’s complicity through a culture of impunity. A climate of suffocation and fear is enveloping civil societies of South Asia, though their forms vary across national borders.

    Main activities: Democracy
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: Regional