Organization Page

  • Observatory Of sahara for Peace, Democracy and Human rights
    Country: Western Sahara
    City / Suburb: Laayoune
    Mission / brief description:

    - Monitoring democracy-building, security challenges and the situation of rights and freedoms in the Saraha region;
    - Create spaces for public debate between human rights actors in sahara and sahel regions.
    - Promote research and studies, prepare reports and diversify programs for capacity building and ​​monitoring freedoms and human rights; in addition to Diversify training in relation to international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, and the relevant European system;
    - Support peace issues and disseminate universal human values ​​to encourage positive dialogue between religions, civilizations and cultures;
    - Open up to international experiences, and build partnerships;
    - Monitoring elections and contribute to their success in accordance with international norms and standards;
    Consecrate African affiliation and contribute to the establishment of a model of solidarity and multi-South cooperation.

    Main activities: Activism, Democracy, Diversity, Equal opportunity, Gender equity, Human rights, Rights, Social justice
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: National
    Phone: +212528993262