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  • Centre de réflexion stratégique et de défense de la démocratie
    Country: Morocco
    City / Suburb: LAAYOUNE
    Mission / brief description:

    Center for Strategic Thinking and Defense of Democracy (CSTDD) play a crucial role in Empower the capacities of local human rights defenders, increasing awareness of democracy and human rights values, and evaluating local public institutions via :
    promoting knowledge of respect for, human rights among the population, Lobbying for changes to national law and helping to develop the substance of that law.
    (CSTDD) also include at least a part of their activities, some type of public awareness, or educational work. Realizing that the essence of their support lies with the general public, (CSTDD) will often try to bring greater knowledge of human rights issues and democracy to members of the public.

    Main activities: Democracy
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: National
    Phone: +212528891359