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  • WiseCourage Project
    Country: Mexico
    City / Suburb: Oaxaca,
    Mission / brief description:

    "I agree with you.Now go and make me do it."--Pres Franklin Delano Roosevelt to CivilRights Leader, A.Philip Randolph (1943).

    Our mission is to pioneer the first technology that can enable Nonviolent Resistance campaigns, historically the essential (but sorely lacking today) strategy to achieve any major system change for the past 150 years, to recruit the numbers they need to make policymakers “do it.” We already have our first tool ready to beta test & grants to award and now seek campaigns eager to be chosen to beta test it. Our aim is to catalyze/unleash moral courage at scale.
    Think “Kickstarter but for action, not for money, plus two other proven motivators meets nonviolent resistance movement organizing."

    Main activities: Activism, Advocacy, Campaigning, Climate action, Collaborative economy, Democracy, Ecology, Energy, Equality, Fair Trade, Fight against poverty, Finance, Habitat, Health, Healthcare, Housing rights, Indigenous peoples, Legal structures, Movement organizing, Philanthropy, Social economy, Social finance, Social justice, Social movement, Technical activities, Technology, Volunteering, Other/s
    Type of organization: Co-operative, NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Not-For-Profit, Volunteer Members, Worker Members
    Scope: International
    Other(s) Main activity(ies):

    Using tech to catalyze/unleash moral courage at scale for nonviolent resistance strategy-based campaigns

    Phone: +1 802 380 8880

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