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  • Multiconvergence
    Country: Brazil
    Mission / brief description:

    ike the Tapestry of Initiatives, MulticonvergĂȘncia das Redes Globais (MRG) is a metanetwork of 13 global networks that was created during the pandemic.

    It runs three projects simultaneously: 1.Letter to the Secretary General of the UN - General outline of its ecological, spiritual and social-economic vision for planet Earth. 2.Conviviality Pact -A positive methodology with a feminine touch for interarticulation of networks. 3.Parliament of Planetary Citizenship – Project for experimental democracy, first within the networks and then scale it up to regional and global level.

    Proposal: Exploring possible alliance with Tapestry to constitute Multiconvergent Tapestry of Initiatives

    Networks: Agora des Habitants de la Terre (AHT). Economy of Francis and Clara. Charter of the Earth. Dialogues in humanity. World Social Forum of Transformative Economies. United Religions Initiative (URI). Convivialist International. Viral Open Space (VOS). *Pressenza International Press Agency.

    Main activities: Movement organizing
    Type of organization: Collective
    Scope: International
    Related activities: