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  • End Fossil International
    Country: Portugal
    Mission / brief description:

    END FOSSIL - OCCUPY! is an international callout to action that was launched recently.

    Between September and December 2022, the climate justice movement youth is going to occupy schools and universities all over the world.

    Our Demand: End Fossil [____]!
    Our goal is to change the system by ending the fossil economy at an international level. Depending on the local context, the demands can vary between the ending of fossil extraction, fossil finance, fossil funding, fossil infrastructures or others.

    Anyone can do it as long as they follow the 3 principles:
    1. Youth led
    2. Climate justice framework
    3. Occupy until we win

    Start organizing this with your group today! We'd love for your group to mobilize and participate in this.

    Full callout:

    Main activities: Climate action
    Type of organization: Other
    Scope: International