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  • General Union of Palestinian women
    Country: Palestine, State of
    City / Suburb: Ramallah
    Mission / brief description:

    The General Union of Palestinian Women was established in 1965 in Jerusalem as a mass, democratic women’s organization and a base of the Palestine Liberation Organization. It represents Palestinian women wherever they are found on the land of the homeland and in refugee and diaspora gatherings, and unites their struggles to participate in the battle of complete national independence for our people and their struggles to achieve their rights and equality. And the belief of the General Union of Palestinian Women in the national constants embodied in the Declaration of Independence in 1988, which is based on the natural, historical and legal right of the Palestinian people to their homeland Palestine and the sacrifices of successive generations in defense of the freedom and independence of their homeland and on the strength of international legitimacy embodied in United Nations resolutions since 1947, which guarantees the right of Our people are in freedom, return and self-determination.

    Main activities: Activism, Advocacy, Anti-racism, Culture, Democracy, Equal opportunity, Feminism, Human rights
    Type of organization: Union
    Scope: National