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  • Antioch College Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)
    Country: United States
    City / Suburb: Yellow Springs
    Mission / brief description:

    Antioch College Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program expands the boundaries of the liberal arts learning environment by immersing students in cultural immersion opportunities, collaborative research, ambitious creative projects, and other forms of socially-engaged, field-based, experiential learning in partnership with organizations off campus. The College holds high expectations that its students will be well prepared to build collaboration across cultural divides in order to address the challenges of an increasingly polarized world. Horace Mann’s 1859 inaugural baccalaureate address is quoted throughout a student’s undergraduate career: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” Such counsel requires us to foster humility, compassion, and understanding of diverse communities in order to build networks of reciprocal collaboration and forge a dynamic curriculum that positions students to better understand matters of consequence through dialogue with others.

    Main activities: Academic, Access to knowledge, Activism, Advocacy, Agroecology, Animal welfare, Anti-racism, Art, Arts, Buen vivir, Care, Care work, Children, Climate, Climate action, Commons, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Conservation, Craftmanship, Cultural inclusiveness, Culture, Curriculum, Degrowth, Disability, Ecological restoration, Ecology, Education, Environment, Environmentally sustainable, Equality, Faith-based community, Feminism, Fight against poverty, Food, Food sovereignty, Free culture and knowledge, Gender, Gender equity, Global relations, Governance, Handicraft, Health, Herbal medicines, Hospitality, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, International cooperation, Jobs, Labour, LBGTQI+, Learning, Migrant, Movement organizing, Natural environment, Natural resources, Nature, Organic, Ownership structures, Peasant's farming, Permaculture, Philanthropy, Popular education, Poverty, Refugee, Sharing economy, Social, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy, Spiritual, Volunteering, Wellbeing, Wellness, Women, Work, Young People, Youth
    Type of organization: Academic
    Scope: International

    Twitter @rkraince