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  • Progressive Organisations' Formation
    Country: South Africa
    City / Suburb: Cape Town
    Mission / brief description:

    The Progressive Organizations' Formation
    1.Is a non- sexist and non- racial organisation.
    2. It fights for free, quality and compulsory education for all from grades R- 12. It stands for free tertiary education.
    3. It is prepared in the field of education to work with all progressive forces which shares its vision.
    4. It will work with other organisations outside its own on common cause.
    5. It is prepared to support other organisations outside education to fight for human rights.
    6. It demands that democratic Governing Bodies be put in place with an equal representation of parents, students and teachers ( including non- teaching staff ) much the same as the PTAS and PTSAs of the 1980s.

    Main activities: Education
    Type of organization: Public entity
    Scope: National

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