Organization Page

  • Noboprobhaat Foundation
    Country: Bangladesh
    City / Suburb: Rangpur
    Mission / brief description:

    1. To work for the prevention of violence and discrimination against the backward rural poor women and people of gender and sexual diversity.
    2. Raising awareness on prevention of child marriage, dowry, abuse of women and children, and eve-teasing.
    3. To create and rehabilitate the self-employment of backward rural poor women, unemployed youth and Hijras, and people of gender diversity.
    4. Working on SRHR to protect young women’s reproductive health and reduce maternal mortality.
    5. Working to improve the living standards of transgender / Hijra and Santal women.
    6. Working towards meeting the goals of the SDGs.
    7. Working to protect mental health.
    8. Working to prevent HIV.
    9. To create social acceptance of Hijras and people of gender diversity and to work for the protection of human rights.
    10. Taking various awareness measures to balance the environment and tackle climate change.

    Main activities: Activism, Children, Climate, Communication, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Democracy, Development aid, Disability, Diversity, Equality, Feminism, Gender, Gender equity, Governance, LBGTQI+, Legal structures, Mobility, Movement organizing, Networking, Refugee, Research, Resources, Security, Social movement, social security, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Training, Volunteering, Women, Youth
    Type of organization: Charity, Not-For-Profit, Society, Volunteer Members
    Scope: National