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  • Asia floor wage Alliance
    Country: Pakistan
    City / Suburb: Karachi
    Mission / brief description:

    The Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA) is an international campaign and alliance for collective industrial bargaining in the global garment industry. AFWA’s inception, in 2007, rests on the shoulders of resilient, innovative and inspiring social movements, particularly spanning the last decades of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century
    The Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA) was founded in 2007 as an Asian labor-led global labour and social alliance across garment-producing countries (such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and consumer regions (USA and Europe) for addressing poverty-level wages, gender discrimination, and freedom of association in global garment production networks

    Main activities: Other/s
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: International

    Twitter @asia_floorwage